Grid Sized Energy Storage Systems Utilizing Proven Oilfield Solutions

Industry Changing Technology

Our newest I.P. associated with Grid Battery Storage Systems opens the door to the repurposing and extension of life of existing Oil & Gas Infrastructure. It allows producers to convert existing carbon producing assets into renewable energy storage systems utilizing existing technologies and practices with a long proven history of success and safety.

Ryken Power

Ryken has been working on the design and application of battery systems since 2019. Our team is comprised of professionals from within oil and gas service industry whose passion is to be a transformational part of the Oil and Gas Industry’s divesture into Renewable Energy and the energy storage systems that will support them.


Ryken has the capabilities to manufacture and assemble our turn key storage products that can be deployed and ready to install upon arrival at your location. Our grid sized battery solutions can utilize a multitude of various electrochemical solutions.


Our field installation teams are specially trained to handle the unique field testing, construction and connection of these high voltage battery systems along with integrating them into the existing grid infrastructure.

Monitoring and Servicing

Our in house teams can provide 24/7 monitoring of your battery systems in order to maximize the uptime to the grid. Should an issue arise, Our teams can be deployed to the field for inspection and servicing intervals in order to ensure maximum performance of your grid storage system.

Do you think you have what it takes to be part of our team?